Bradford MDC have offered the Trust four additional cemetery chapels, all of which are of local historic interest, are no longer required for their original purpose and are in urgent need of restoration and repair. The chapel at Bowling is listed grade II, but the other chapels - at Charlestown (Baildon), Uttley, and Bingley are not listed, nor are they in conservation areas. This means that there is little financial aid available to assist in their restoration. Once the chapels are repaired therefore, it is important that they are given appropriate new uses and become economically viable. The Trust is hoping to be successful in a grant application from the Architectural Heritage Fund with regard to the listed chapel at Bowling and will also undertake a formal assessment of its potential for re-use.

The Trust would welcome further suggestions from Bradford MDC, its own Membership,  Members of the Bradford Civic Society or any interested individuals, concerning properties which may be within the resources of the Trust to acquire and restore.


Last updated 24/10/2012